A Man’s Beauty Standards

Beauty standards are defined as the criteria or foundations by which a person’s beauty is judged. They include both male and female sexes, taking into account the different nature of the criteria used to evaluate the beauty of each gender separately. A woman’s beauty criteria are not suitable for assessing a man’s beauty. Because the physical and formal nature differ greatly between them, so we will talk in this article about the beauty standards of a man.

A man’s beauty standards

A man’s beauty standards differ from one country to another, and cultures also play an important role in determining those standards. Arabs define a man’s beauty with his open muscles and his enjoyment of dignity, courage and magnanimity, and all these intangible qualities give a formal beauty to a man, and in what follows we will talk about the man’s standards of beauty in general:

Athletic body

A man who has a V-shaped body in English is considered a beautiful man, and we mean here in this way that the upper part of the man’s body, meaning the shoulders, is wide compared to the lower part, like wrestling champions who have moderate weights, and athletic bodies resemble the shape of the letter V.

Tall stature

Some believe that a man of tall stature is more beautiful compared to other men of short or medium stature, and some associate this trait with being thin. For example, women in Sweden prefer to marry someone who is tall and thin.

Flat abdomen

Many men face the problem of accumulating fat in the abdominal area, and this problem makes the man feel embarrassed, because the rumen hides other signs of his beauty, so a flat stomach is a sign of beauty for men.

Hair or baldness

Thick hair is a standard of a man’s beauty, especially if it is styled in an attractive way that increases the splendor of his appearance. While some people prefer baldness because it makes a man have a special or sharp look that suits his prestige and seriousness, and may suggest that he is different from the rest of men.

Gray hair

The appearance of gray hair or gray hair in a man’s head and beard is considered a criterion for his dignity, and it also gives his appearance prestige and dignity, and the matter of graying is not limited to men of old age, or those over their mid-forties. It’s on younger men, too.

Light chin or beard

The fact that a man has a light beard or a smooth beard makes him the center of attention. So that it increases beauty and elegance, and a light chin may help people with thin or small faces to highlight the features of the face more, while some contradict the above, as they see that a man’s decency and beauty are determined by his possession of a thick beard, but it is not long, and some men resort to shaving the hair of the head. And keep a thick beard to enjoy an attractive appearance.