How A Person Swallows His Tongue

Now we have at all times heard {that a} soccer participant has by accident swallowed the tongue, which additionally occurs to people who find themselves uncovered to street or work accidents, or psychological and nervous shocks, or convulsions, all of which can result in an individual swallowing his tongue. However what’s the nature of swallowing the tongue? How is it? What are the right methods to take care of an individual who’s uncovered to such an accident? What are the implications of promptly treating the flawed approach? These and different questions we’ll find out about within the subsequent article.

Our perception that tongue swallowing happens within the basic sense of this time period, that’s, pulling it into the throat, similar to meals, is a flawed perception, and with the intention to perceive the character of tongue swallowing, we should first know the character of the entry of air into our our bodies, so when the air enters the human physique to achieve the lungs, it enters from By two major passages, that are the nostril or mouth, then to the throat, and thru the bronchial tubes it enters the lungs.

How an individual swallows his tongue

Nonetheless, what does the tongue should do with this respiratory mechanism? The tongue is like several muscle within the human physique. It has a leisure course of when an individual enters a coma. When an individual has a deep coma, all of the muscular tissues of the physique, together with the tongue, chill out. Fairly, the tongue is the primary muscle to chill out in a state of coma, and when the tongue muscle relaxes, Its posterior base loosens to dam the airway, so the bottom returns again about three cm, and fully prevents air from coming into the lungs, which results in suffocation which will trigger dying.

So, the tongue is the one who blocked the airway due to its leisure, the query that arises, how can we restore the tongue to its regular course ?, Will we prolong our palms into the mouth of the contaminated individual and produce the tongue ahead ?, Or increase his head up ?, Or put it ready Slanted to at least one facet? The thought of ​​tilting an individual to the facet or shaking the top of the injured individual is a really harmful thought, as a result of he mainly misplaced consciousness as a result of he had a severe harm to his head, and subsequently swallowed his tongue, it is vitally harmful to maneuver the mind, neck or backbone violent motion; As a result of this may increasingly hurt the injured and not profit the ultimate.

How you can deal with tongue swallowing

The right option to deal with the one that swallows his tongue, and to open the airway that’s blocked because of swallowing the tongue is carried out by transferring the sufferer’s head again in 1 / 4 of a circle, so the bottom of the tongue might be pulled up with this motion, and the airway will open once more, and the air enters the lungs appropriately. Missed the chance to choke.

To be exact, the tactic of transferring the top again is by putting one hand on the brow of the sufferer, and the opposite hand on the chin from beneath, and transferring the top gently by pushing the brow and chin again on the identical time, in case the airway of the one that swallowed his tongue couldn’t open for any The rationale was, a sterile tube should be positioned in order to assist the affected person to breathe, till the issue is solved within the appropriate approach.

This methodology should be realized by us all, not solely to act within the occasion {that a} soccer participant swallows his tongue solely, but additionally to deal with anybody who could encounter us who has misplaced consciousness, whether or not on the avenue, in a combat, or in a automotive accident or work, and any An individual who gathered across the injured individual, or moved him and acted with him in an elaborate non-medical method.

Causes of tongue swallowing

We frequently see aged folks making sounds known as “rattle”, and this sound is brought on by the closure of the airway due to swallowing the tongue, actually this individual is in a extreme state of suffocation. As a result of his tongue blocked the airway as a result of he’s in a coma and the tongue muscle is totally relaxed, so it’s required to open the airway once more in the identical approach that we talked about earlier.

Different causes that result in tongue swallowing are blows that hit the top and trigger a concussion of the mind, which results in a defect within the operate of the mind, elevated electrical stimulation to the mind, and nerve convulsions that in flip result in swallowing the tongue, in addition to that, individuals who have a scarcity of circulation Hematomas, akin to atrial fibrillation, could expertise swallowing tongue, and muscle convulsions. Additionally, the blood sugar degree fell to a sub-normal degree.

Have a fractured cranium

The query that arises is, if an individual misplaced consciousness, and there’s a excessive chance of a fracture within the backbone, or the bottom of the cranium, and misplaced consciousness similtaneously a results of falling from a top, or was subjected to a robust blow to the again or head, is it helpful to observe the talked about methodology Beforehand till I opened this individual’s airway once more, and prevented him from swallowing his tongue?

Sadly, it could be very harmful to maneuver this individual to the restoration place that we talked about within the case of tongue swallowing harm, as a result of this may increasingly double the fracture within the cranium or backbone, and so we could have harmed the individual greater than he does, however, there should be one other option to open It has an airway, and we be certain that suffocation doesn’t happen, and this methodology is to push the individual’s decrease jaw ahead, and thus the jaw will take with it the bottom of the tongue ahead, and stop suffocation, or tongue swallowing.

As soon as the decrease jaw comes out ahead, by slowly pushing it from the again to the entrance, with out transferring the neck or backbone; He will pull with him the bottom of the tongue that has closed the airway ahead with him, and right here we stop suffocation, and we save this individual with out affecting his harm whether it is within the head or within the backbone, till a specialised medical crew involves work to maneuver him in an accurate method.

To elucidate this methodology precisely, meditate with me, pricey reader: We put our two palms beneath the jaw from the angle of the jaw from beneath, and put the massive finger on the cheeks, after which we push the decrease jaw ahead quietly and concurrently with the place of the hand because the earlier methodology, and on this approach we’re We opened the airway with out transferring the backbone in any respect.