17 Uses of Aluminium Foil That Can Make Your Life Easier

2. Using The Aluminium Foil In The Tumble Dryer And Washing Machine


You might be thinking about how someone can use the Aluminium foil in the washing machine or a tumble dryer? Well, you first have to read the trick to understand why we are suggesting you do that.

Throwing a ball of Aluminium foil into the dryer or the washing machine ensures that the foil has absorbed all the static electricity. The clothes are free from all kinds of stationery.

Make two or three hand-sized balls from Aluminium foil and use them to keep your clothes static-free after washing. These balls are useful for repetitive washing practices, and you do not need to make new balls every time you opt to wash your clothes or dry them off. Usually, an Aluminium foil ball can stay useful for up to six months if appropriately compressed.