What Are The Signs Of Beauty For A Woman

Beauty is the beauty of the soul, we have always heard this saying, but when we compare it in reality, we find that formal beauty is the beauty that gets attention, and evidence for this is the holding of competitions to choose a beauty queen in a region, and whatever beauty is the beauty of the soul or the body, femininity remains the standard and the standard. It is agreed upon among all societies with different cultures and beliefs, and women by nature love to appear in the most beautiful condition, and this has been evident throughout the ages, where beauty care has enjoyed an important place in a woman’s life.

Their recipes, which are still used to this day, and despite the variety of cosmetics, and many women try to reach the highest levels of physical beauty, there are specific standards and measures everywhere that are placed to judge women by beauty or lack thereof, and in this article we will address the most important of those Standards among the Arabs and the West.

Standards of beauty among the Arabs

Arab standards of beauty differ when compared to the West, and after studies conducted among Arabs to find out the standards of beauty, it was found that the most important measures of beauty for women are:

Long black hair. Wide eyes, thick and long eyelashes, which Arab poets sang in their spinning poems, describing them as the eyes of Al-Reem.
White skin, full body, so that the body is not fat and skinny.

Dimples, which are found on the cheeks and appear when smiling.
The mole, or what is known as a mole, is black in color, and appears either over the upper lip or on the cheek. Well-drawn nose. Small ear. Little mouth. Fingers that are long and not too full. Lines that appear between the eyebrows, when angry. The two bones, located in the front, under the neck and above the chest, are clearly and strikingly visible. Neck length and thinning.

Standards of beauty in the West

As for the West, the standards are different, due to their different cultures. The beauty for them is:

The height of the woman, as it turned out that the taller the woman, the more beautiful. Blonde hair, regardless of length. Athletic bodies, which are characterized by thin, broad shoulders. Plump, thick lips.

In recent times, bronze color and brown complexion appeared in the West as a measure of beauty.

Standards of women’s beauty in some countries

Learn about the most prominent beauty standards for women in a number of countries:

South Korea: Wide, round eyes are the main criterion for beauty, so Korean women resort to eye-lifts. To get more attractive eyes.

France: Women who are very thin and do not use make-up are considered the most beautiful than others, so French women often adopt many methods to maintain their weight.

Thailand: Skin is the basis of Thai beauty, especially if it is light, and a long neck is an important sign.

Iran: The beauty of the nose is considered the ideal beauty, and Iranian women use black eyeliner, eyeliners and eyebrows to highlight their beauty.

West Africa: Being overweight is the main factor for beauty, so parents in that country fatten girls out of the softness of their nails.

Japan: Hair, skin whiteness and clearness are the basis, so Japanese women prefer to have smooth and straight hair.

Russia: An athletic body and a simple appearance are the most prominent signs, in addition to blue eyes, blond hair, and delicate features. Changing hair color or nail polish is a manifestation of makeup and beauty.

Inner beauty

There are many qualities of inner beauty, including:

Design and passion: where passion and enthusiasm are more important than the outward appearance; Because having passion means that the female has goals, and that she is not afraid to do them, but rather she will strive to achieve them and succeed in them, and it is necessary to focus on the thing that will make her happy, and to face her fears with courage.

Lack of interest in pursuing the spotlight: happiness cannot be obtained from fame; So there’s no need to care about fame, so a female should behave naturally, people don’t like people trying to get attention.

Talking with confidence and kindness: as communicating with others is of great importance, as it is necessary to speak when necessary, and to avoid using the aggressive method, and listening is no less important than speaking, and in the event of speaking, a beautiful method must be followed without aggression, and insistence on opinion, but opinion must be respected The other, even if it was different.

Independence: The female must have independence, and the ability to depend on oneself instead of relying on others to fulfill desires and goals, and this trait also indicates self-confidence, as the female here performs all tasks independently, and does not expect guidance from others such as doing exercises Sports, and shopping.

Taking care of others: where you should take care of others if they talk about their problems, and try to help them, as people in general prefer the people they care about.

An open mind: this means accepting others, regardless of their beliefs and nationalities, without criticizing, insulting, or judging others. Because the open-minded person understands the different opinions, accepts them, and accepts their criticism of him.

Positive thinking: as positive thinking is characterized by many health benefits, such as reducing symptoms of depression and increasing the life span, the owner of this type of thinking does not focus on the external appearance, but rather focuses on positive personal qualities, and exercises to replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and this can be done through Practice looking through the mirror, smiling, and complimenting inner qualities such as kindness and friendship.