What Happens After A Break From Exercise?

Many beginner bodybuilders, and even those who have been exercising for a long time, reach some point and decide to stop exercising, and this is due to several reasons.

But do you know what happens to your body after you stop exercising entirely and suddenly?

Maybe your answer would be to have a big belly. This is true, but this is only one part of the significant side effects of exercise interruption, such as weight gain and decreased metabolism. To know about the rest of the problems that you may encounter, follow us.


When you stop exercising, your physical fitness decreases dramatically and significantly. A study conducted on athletic champions showed that their physical fitness decreased very considerably after the first three weeks of their interruption from exercise. There is also research confirmed that if you are less in shape than a professional, your physical fitness will decrease significantly after 12 weeks, unlike professionals. Therefore, it is not recommended to altogether discontinue cardio exercises. They are essential exercises in preserving the most important muscle in the human body, which is the heart.

Loss of strength

When you ultimately stop doing bodybuilding exercises, your muscle strength will decrease very dramatically. This decrease is related to the time you spent in activities, for example, champions in the sport of bodybuilding can maintain their muscle strength until some months of total cessation from exercises, unlike people who did not take long to exercise, so if you are new to this sport. You stop exercising, your muscles will begin to atrophy after a short time, and you may return to the state they were in before you started exercising.


When you stop exercising, weight gain is an inevitable side effect because exercise burns calories and increases nutritional compliance, thus maintaining or losing weight. According to a study conducted at Harvard Sports University, an hour in bodybuilding exercises burns from 224 to 446 calories for a person weighing 70 kilograms, depending on the training’s intensity.

Decreased muscle oxygen

When you stop doing bodybuilding exercises, the percentage of oxygen decreases by 20% in your muscles, meaning you lose the ability to convert oxygen into energy. Therefore the results you get after 12 weeks of hard training, and proper nutrition lose them after only two weeks after you stop going To the gym.

Brain cell growth

After a complete break from training, you may suffer from a decrease in gray matter, a substance in the brain that makes us think and assimilate thoughts. There is a possibility that you will experience a reduction in it compared to someone who exercises.

These were some of the problems that you may encounter after a sudden and complete cessation from exercise, so a total end of training is not recommended. Even if you want to stop bodybuilding exercises for some time and do not want to lose your muscle mass or your physical fitness, you can continue to do exercises Cardio like running, walking, swimming, and jumping rope are all exercises that work to keep you in shape. It is also advised to continue your regular diet and not to eat unhealthy food. These factors may help you maintain your physical strength even after a two or three-week break from bodybuilding exercises.

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