When Was The Burj Khalifa Inaugurated

The official inauguration of the Burj Khalifa building (in English: Burj Khalifa) took place on the fourth of January 2010 AD in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, after the completion of its construction and construction on the first of October 2009.

A ceremony was held that included spectacular festive lighting designed by a company specializing in lighting design in the United Kingdom, in addition to many activities and water and sound shows.

Burj Khalifa opening ceremony

Burj Khalifa’s opening ceremony included many distinctive paragraphs, the most important of which are mentioned below:

The first paragraph of the Burj Khalifa opening ceremony: it included the screening of a short film that expresses the story of Dubai and the development of Burj Khalifa.

The second paragraph of the opening ceremony of the Burj Khalifa: The second paragraph of the opening included light and sound performances in which many things were woven, including the review of the design of the tower, whose design was inspired by a desert flower and its name is the spider lily flower, ending this paragraph with a rhythmic presentation of water and fireworks.

The third paragraph of the Burj Khalifa opening ceremony: It includes a dynamic light show through the huge screen that covers the tower building, to indicate the amazing technological innovation.

The fourth paragraph of the opening ceremony of the Burj Khalifa: It includes a presentation of the logo of the Real Estate Company that contributed to the construction of the tower, after emitting a glow from the white light, after which the logo was displayed.

Annual offers for the opening of the Burj Khalifa

Since its inauguration, Burj Khalifa has witnessed many festivals of fireworks, and spectacular light shows. Below is a description of some of these celebrations in different years:

2010 AD: The year that witnessed the inauguration of Burj Khalifa, and the opening ceremony included the release of about 10,000 fireworks, and the establishment of light, water, and sound shows.

2011 AD: A fireworks display and light shows by laser and lights were presented from Burj Khalifa, making it the best new year fireworks display in the world on the occasion of the New Year, to honor the city of Dubai, which includes more than 200 nationalities, as well as the show commemorating the anniversary The first for the Burj Khalifa.

2012 AD: Burj Khalifa was fully illuminated in white, red, and green, meaning the colors of the national flag of the United Arab Emirates, and included a spectacular display of fireworks.

2013: A fireworks performance was staged in Burj Khalifa in conjunction with a live performance by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

2014 AD: During this year’s ceremony, about 400,000 fireworks were launched over a continuous 6-minute period.

2015: A specially designed LED screen and façade for Burj Khalifa was installed to display light shows, followed by fireworks.

The records obtained by the Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa achieved many records, the most important of which are mentioned below:

It is the tallest building in the world.
It is the tallest free-standing building in the world.
It contains the longest elevator in the world.
It has the highest gazebo in the world.
It contains the largest number of floors in a single building in the world.
It includes the highest height reached by cement and concrete pumping operations, which is 605 m.
It has the highest height installed for an aluminum and glass façade.
It contains the highest swimming pool in the world.