Where Is The Largest Forest In The World

Taiga, or what is known as the boreal forests (Boreal), is the largest forest in the world, and it contains mostly evergreen needle leaves. Taiga forests occupy about 17% of the land area within the Arctic belt in the Northern Hemisphere.

Taiga site

Taiga forests are located at a latitude of 50 degrees and a circle of length 47 degrees, with a solar angle of 63.5 degrees. Taiga forests cover an area of ​​809 million hectares, within the pine forest regions of North America and Eurasia; They are within the vegetation belts that cover some parts of the continents that occupy areas from Russia in the south to northeastern China and Mongolia, and cover some regions of Europe such as Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Taiga climate

The climate of Tanga forests is dominated by coldness, due to the prevailing climate factor in the ecosystems of that region; As the solar angle is high, and a good amount of snow covers some of its area. During the winter, heavy snowfall continues for at least five months in the southern part of the Taiga forests, while in the northern regions it may continue to fall for seven or eight months. Taiga forests have temperatures between -10 ° C and -50 ° C, and this exposes the soil to being permanently frozen. The average annual rainfall in the taiga forests may reach 100 cm, especially in eastern North America and northern Europe.

Pine trees are spread in Tanga forests, and they are one of the most widespread species, while rabbits are the most common types of animals in them, as well as the Stratus falcon, one of the most common types of birds in the Taiga forests.

The largest forests in the world after Tanga

The second largest forest in the world is located in Brazil, on an area of ​​478 million hectares, which is known as the rainforest, which is also known for its huge amounts of carbon that helps stabilize the climate on Earth.
The third largest forest in the world is located on an area of ​​310 million hectares in Canada, which contains more than 180 species of trees, as well as 20% of the world’s fresh water.

The forest that is ranked fourth is with an area of ​​303 million hectares, which is located in the United States of America, the proportion of coniferous trees is 78%, and it contains national parks and wildlife protection areas.

It is ranked fifth among the largest forests in the world, and it is a forest located in China with an area of ​​197 million hectares.